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Gian Carlo Villatoro

# 1

This is a dramatic story about a family that seemed to be an ordinary family. They lived an experience that needed to be revealed to the rest…

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# 2

Lisa is an average girl in her 20s, with kids and a job. She feels really uncomfortable with herself about everything, until something happened that forced her to change.

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# 3

This is the love story of Caroline and Samuel. Out of their profound love for each other, they must say goodbye. However, life gives them a second chance.  Will they move on, or will they take a chance at a fresh new start?

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# 4

Shelburne, Vermont was once a peaceful place, until Jeff Garret came to establish his home there. Drugs and debauchery are destroying everything. The town needs a change, they need Jesse Parker.

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# 5

Bobby was retired, enjoying his days after working all his life, but he didn’t know that other people’s incidents will affect his life in Bismarck, North Dakota. Join us in this end of the year cool story!

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# 6

This is the story of a dog who became a hero in the life of a family in 

Sacramento, CA. You will love the excitement of the kids: Lillie and Cesar in this fantastic adventure!

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# 7

Winning sometimes is everything. You can fly when you win. You can do many things without sleeping for hours, as long as you know that you will win! A story that started in Andrews TX. 

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# 8

Vibaste, Commander of the Saturn Enceladus Base in 2064, was assigned by the Earth International Command (EIC) to the mission called, “Saturn's Water”, to continue expanding human domain, not just in the Milky Way. We need water.

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‍Audio Editor: Sebastian Villatoro

‍Writing Team: Gian Carlo Villatoro, Tracy Villatoro & Kenny Adeyemo

‍Music Team: Fredd Rojas, Matías Romero Acuña, Siji

‍Narrators: Sarah Rife, Jakub Zaborski, and Justin Chi