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Gian Carlo Villatoro

# 1

This is a dramatic story about a family that seemed to be an ordinary family. Enjoy this great production with original music and a wonderful theme.

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# 2

Lisa is an average girl in her 20s, with kids and a job. She feels really uncomfortable with herself about everything, until something happened that forced her to change.

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# 3

This is the love story of Caroline and Samuel. Out of their profound love for each other, they must say goodbye. However, life gives them a second chance.  Will they move on, or will they take a chance at a fresh new start?

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# 4

Shelburne, Vermont was once a peaceful place, until Jeff Garret came to establish his home there. Drugs and debauchery are destroying everything. The town needs a change, they need Jesse Parker.

Release Date: November 28, 2019

Audio Editor: Sebastian Villatoro

Writing Team: Gian Carlo Villatoro, Tracy Villatoro & Kenny Adeyemo

Music Team: Fredd Rojas, Matías Romero Acuña, Siji

Narrator: Sarah Rife