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You are going to really enjoy ALL the different kinds of characters within the 8 published Audiobooks. 
From love, to good vs. evil, to survival, and even astronaut stories!
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Writing Team: Gian Carlo Villatoro, Tracy Villatoro & Kenny Adeyemo
Narrators: Sarah Rife, Jakub Zaborski, and Justin Chi
Music Team: Fredd Rojas, Matías Romero Acuña, and Siji
‍Audio Editor: Sebastian Villatoro
I just finished "Made to win" what an enjoyable and healthy story in these times of pandemic. I truly enjoy the content, the pleasant voice and more importantly the message. Now, I am ready for more. Thank you team Villatoro!
"Listened to unmasked enjoyed it very family oriented content”
Tears of Joy is the beautiful story about the many faces of true love. The parent-child, child-parent relationship, the couple relationship, and the friendship relationship. The friendship relationship shows us that a true friend’s love can run even more deeply than the love of a sibling. This story is mostly about living truly from one’s heart no matter what we are doing - letting go, claiming our truth, standing up for each other - all we do should come from the basis of love.