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Donna Pounds
Donna Pounds
Midland, TX
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God gifted each of us with intuition for our protection. When we listen to our intuition, we are listening to God giving us clues about people and their true intentions, or perhaps a dangerous situation in which we could be harmed. Nina was very much in tune with her intuition, and she listened to the clues Ruben was unknowingly giving through his words and actions - allowing his true nature to surface. It was very fortunate that she noticed this so she could protect her very important Submarine app and subsequently her friend when it fell into the wrong hands. God sends us messages through intuition - and when we are smart enough to listen and act, we are thankful we did because the result is a much better outcome. My mother taught me this from a very young age, and I am forever thankful for this lesson. Great story. It was crystal clear to me! ❤️
Writing Team: Gian Carlo Villatoro, Tracy Villatoro & Kenny Adeyemo
Narrators: Sarah Rife, Jakub Zaborski, and Justin Chi
Music Team: Fredd Rojas, Matías Romero Acuña, and Siji
‍Audio Editor: Sebastian Villatoro