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Winning sometimes is everything. You can fly when you win. You can do many things without sleeping for hours, as long as you know that you will win! A story that started in Andrews TX. 

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I have the honor of meeting Gian from my childhood and having shared with him and his family many fond memories. In the neighborhood where we grew up in Guatemala City we had a baseball team with which we had triumphs, defeats and many beautiful memories. This is how a great friendship grew that lasts until today with him and many of the players and neighbors. Besides being a good catcher, Gian Carlo always stood out as a great friend and a charismatic leader. That is why I really enjoyed his book "Made to Win" which talks about teamwork, friendship and perseverance to achieve our goals. I recommend it.
Great story of what we can do when we put our minds to it. Nat’s ability to say the right thing at the right time was perfect. Now, if we each become our own ‘Nat’, there is no situation, no challenge, no loss, that we cannot overcome. Some things take longer than others, but we can still come out victorious. We can sometimes be our own worst enemies. Our negative thoughts about ourselves will defeat us - unless we begin to see ourselves through the eyes of God. We all go through struggles we don’t share with others out of shame or embarrassment. But our Heavenly Father already knows about them. So we need to start there. We can look ourselves in the mirror and see what God sees in us. Then we can verbally state that we claim the promises he has for us. We can say to our image - with our souls having been created in his image - all the good things we can think of that we admire about ourselves. This is a way of showing our gratitude to God for the person he made us to be. When we live in constant gratitude, there is no room for negativity. God has promised never to forsake us. And we must carry that knowledge in our hearts every single day, no matter what our circumstances.