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Bobby was retired, enjoying his days after working all his life, but he didn’t know that other people’s incidents will affect his life in Bismarck, North Dakota. Join us in this end of the year cool story!

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A beautiful exploration of how it feels to be needed and to give of ourselves freely. I believe God created a hole in each of us that only he can fill. Once we are full of God’s love, our cups runneth over - even though we may not realize it. When we start to serve others with the overflow of love in our hearts, we find ourselves fulfilled in a way nothing else can provide. The love for others increases and we are given opportunities to step up to the challenge with an open heart. What goes around comes around - and when we make God’s love into a full circle, we are indeed whole and blessed. This is also a story about being open to accept help when we need it most - God uses others to show us his grace and mercy. Which inspires others to do the same.